Texas Baptist Men

About TBM

We are a group of Christ-followers who share Christ’s love through action and word after disasters and in times of need whose mission is to mobilize believers to engage the world.

Made up of men and women from around Texas, TBM functions as a volunteer organization that organizes response to disaster relief, rebuilding after natural disasters, proactively building for churches and mission-minded organizations, helping churches grow up young men to be active in missions, restoring lives impacted by the criminal justice system, and providing communities sustainable access to clean water. 

Best known for disaster relief, our ministries include

Disaster Relief



Restorative Justice

Royal Ambassadors /Challengers

Water Ministry

TBM, and a unified Christian response to disasters, was born out of Bob Dixon responding to God’s call on his life to help people understand their role in missions and providing a unified way to act, specifically in times of disaster. By doing so, Dixon laid the foundation of what TBM is today. 

Since 1967, TBM has responded to every major natural disaster in Texas. Beyond Texas, we have and continue to offer hope after disasters in the United States and around the world. If you have watched news of disaster relief, you’ve most likely seen the famous “yellow caps” feeding volunteers and survivors, cleaning out houses and beginning the rebuilding phase for people’s homes and lives. 

Originally known as Texas Baptist Men, a name that remains our official title, we have shortened it to TBM to better reflect our base of volunteers of whom almost half are women and not all who serve are Baptist. These facts made the name Texas Baptist Men mentally exclusive to many who want to share God’s love through actions.

Meeting needs is our way of introducing the Gospel and Christ’s love to people we encounter. If you’d like to join as a volunteer, please reach out to us at volunteer[at]tbmtx.org

Mission Statement

TBM Mobilizes believers to engage the world.