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Church delivers water filters to Rockport

Water Ministry     2 years ago   by Rand Jenkins

Members of Kingsland First Baptist Church delivered TBM Water Ministry filter kits to Hurricane Harvey flood victims in Rockport, Texas recently.  Ace Hardware and Home Depot donated the buckets.

T. Stewart from Kingsland Baptist made the following comment:

We had a pair of ladies come to us and told us they had 13 people , so they took 4 filters.  All the pictures of people had the same concerns (that their water wells were contaminated)  and after talking with them and showing them the spec sheets, they thought this was the best thing since sliced bread.

I am sure hundreds more could be used in the gulf coast area,  I had one filter at church on Sunday  to  show the church members.  After church there were people visiting from the Beaumont area  wanting to get some filters for that area.  I gave them the filter I had  so the local EMS could have  clean water to drink.