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Disaster Relief     1 year ago   by Rand Jenkins

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Responding to flooding in the Rio Grande Valley

To assist church volunteer groups interested in disaster relief, TBM has set up Volunteer Village, a place to get information and register for responding to natural disasters.

Texas Baptist Men’s Volunteer Village is now accepting registrations for church groups wanting to work in the Rio Grande Valley area after widespread flooding. Below are the general guidelines for serving and if you would like to commit your group to a time of service, please REGISTER HERE.

After receiving your registration, we will match your group with the best fit based on size and date requested then will send a follow-up email confirmation with further details. We look forward to serving together.

General Information


· Typically, a local church facility
· Bring cot or air mattress with sleeping bag or linens
· Sleeping area is divided into female and male sections
· Showers provided (bring towels and toiletries)
· Meals will be provided

To participate volunteers must:

· Be 18 years or older or a minor (16 & 17) who is accompanied by a parent, legal guardian or organization leader
· Have a recent background check through TBM
· Not be a registered sex offender
· Not be a registered violent offender
· Not have criminal convictions for crimes against persons or property
· Not bring tobacco or alcohol products to any work site
· Not remove anything from a work site
· Sign a TBM Release and Indemnity form which will be sent to you after registering
· Wear appropriate clothing. No see-through or revealing clothing, spandex or spanks.  Shirts must be worn at all times.

Work MAY consist of the following:

· Moving debris
· Cleaning  yards
· Assisting homeowners in retrieval of personal property
· Handing out boxes
· Assisting shower & laundry or feeding units
· Mucking and gutting houses

What should I wear or bring?

· You will be hot & dirty, so pack accordingly.
· Long pants are recommended
· Gloves are recommended
· Mosquito repellent
· Safety glasses recommended
· All other equipment will be provided

All volunteers must conduct themselves as representatives of Texas Baptist Men. TBM may refuse volunteers due to inappropriate dress, speech or behavior, or other factors deemed inappropriate by the TBM Coordinator.

Finally, please understand that when working in disaster area things can change quickly.  We ask that all volunteers remain flexible.