Texas Baptist Men

Serving offenders, victims, enforcers, and communities through rehabilitation, reconciliation, and reintegration to rebuild lives and relationships through local churches

Restorative Justice Ministries’ focus is on rebuilding broken relationships within families and communities that have been affected by crime. This casts a wide net.

TBM continues to be a leader in Restorative Justice Ministry and has been for more than 33 years. The unfortunate increase in prison population from 35,000 offenders in 1990 to 144,000 offenders currently in 145 prisons across Texas has required a strategic approach to meeting the needs of victims, offenders, enforcers, and communities. TBM has participated in the development, construction and support of hospitality houses and visitor centers across the state.

TBM is continuing to offer Experiencing God seminars, serve in prisons as a witness of Christ’s Love, provide compassionate care and church support to chaplains, offenders, and the correctional staff charged with keeping a safe and secure environment.

Since 96% of offenders will be released within five years, TBM volunteers also serve in the community to provide the same Gospel witness, care, and church support to offender families and re-entry opportunities. Working through our volunteer chaplains, we provide emotional and spiritual support in times of crises, are able to serve crime victims and their families and work to significantly impact the lives of all involved.

A current development TBM is working toward on the request of Texas Department of Criminal Justice, is to establish a faith-based dorm in every prison in Texas. This is an amazing opportunity to recruit and place Christ-centered teachers in both men and women’s prisons, as well as parole offices and city jails.

The goal of TBM has always been to assist churches and associations in providing ministry to those touched by the problems of crime including victims, correctional and law enforcement officers, adult and juvenile offenders, and the families of each. How we do each is summarized below.

If you are interested in TBM Restorative Justice’s ministry opportunities or are if your church would like to host a regional event, please contact Jim Young, Restorative Justice Coordinator, at 214.275.1122 or jim.young[at]tbmtx.org


  • Victim support groups in local church
  • Volunteer victim chaplaincy training for emotional and spiritual support
  • Assist certified critical incident responders (CISM and NOVA)
  • Bridges to Life and other victim offender mediation opportunities
  • Support TDCJ Victim Services and the Crime Victim Clearinghouse


  • Staff support ministry in prisons and jails
  • Chaplain and Spouse Retreats
  • Appreciation events and feeding through TBM Disaster Relief Teams
  • Provision of special law enforcement recognition and events such as the “Bless-the-Badge”, “Shield A Badge”, and Law Enforcement Appreciation Sunday


  • Provide Bibles, books and curriculum for prison chapel libraries
  • Provide volunteers and specialized curriculum to support the efforts of faith-based dorms and seminary extension programs
  • Leadership development to recruit and train volunteers and in-prison “church-starters” to work in community upon parole
  • Leading in-prison seminars


  • Support efforts of hospitality houses and visitor centers to meet the physical and spiritual needs of offender families as well as providing space for Bible study and ministry to correctional officers
  • Angel Tree support for children of offenders
  • Arise2Read support for churches and ministries that seek to divert troubled children from delinquency
  • LOOPS – Loved Ones Of Prisoners


  • First Touch seeks to guide offenders as they enter the Diagnostic Unit
  • Welcome Back connects offenders leaving prison to a community support group
  • Network offenders in local churches and ministries that serve offenders
  • Assist churches and ministries in developing aftercare facilities for male and female offenders


  • Bill Glass Weekend of Champions
  • Mike Barber Weekend of Excitement
  • Prison Fellowship
  • KAIROS Prison Ministry
  • Bridges to Life
  • Regional workshops and training in all areas of RJM