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Boys face unique challenges in the world today.

The mission education in RAs provides an opportunity to develop biblical character, spiritual growth, and maturity in mind and body. RA leaders use activities designed to help boys learn about God’s mission and participate in mission activities.

Royal Ambassadors is a Southern Baptist mission education and development program for boys in grades 1-6. RAs provides an opportunity for boys to develop biblical character, grow relationships with others, and mature spiritually, physically, and mentally in a Christian discipleship walk.

RA leaders use activities that are designed to help boys learn about God’s mission, participated in mission activities, pray for and give to missions, develop and use mission skills, and learn about the mission work of the church.

For information about expanding or starting any of the RA mission experiences at your church, please contact Keith Mack, at 214.275.1123 or keith.mack[at]tbmtx.org.


Camp Directors’ Meeting – Providing an opportunity for the program leaders of Royal Ambassadors and Challengers camps to meet together, share program ideas and information for camp resources and materials. Scheduled early each year in Dallas so check the calendar for dates.

State Race – Provides an opportunity for church groups to gather for a day of friendly competition over individually-built pine wood cars to determine the state champion.

Leadership Training Camp – A wilderness camp designed to increase knowledge and skills under the leadership of Christ that empowers them be a witness in the world. This camp uses a progressive method of learning the basic, intermediate, and advanced levels of campcraft and activity skills to live outdoors safely and comfortably. Males 7th-grade and beyond are eligible to attend.

Summer Camps – Great adventures for boys and young men that provide life-changing opportunities to grow in their relationship with Christ. Summer Campers will learn new skills and spend time with others who share what it means to be a man of God.

Campout and Missions Mania – Provides opportunities for missions awareness and missions involvement with several activities and a great place to camp out with your group. Scheduled annually in the fall at the conclusion of Royal Ambassadors’ Week.


RA Materials, Logos, Songs, History, and Missions Projects

RA History – Royal Ambassadors began as an organization in 1908 and over 2.5 million boys and their leaders have participated in RAs to learn how to help others in Jesus’ name. Throughout the years, countless lives have been changed as boys and their leaders have prayed for, given to, and participated in missions projects. [link to the book]

Craft Projects - The manual, Crafts, Projects and Games for Boys was written by Dr. Robert Adams in Gruver, Texas documents numerous projects for any RA group.  To obtain a copy of this manual, you can either download a copy or order a copy from the TBM store.  Printed copies are $20.00 for each. Contact Keith Mack at (214) 275-1123 office or keith.mack[at]tbmtx.org with any questions.

Southern Baptist churches and associations may use these projects to help involve men, young men and boys in missions. Others should request permission from Texas Baptist Men. 

Campcraft – Outdoors is an ideal environment to become aware of the Creator and all that has been created. Camping provides a unique opportunity for men to learn and share about their relationship with Christ and is a vital tool for reaching and equipping people to be on mission with God. Campcraft training opportunities occur during the spring and fall and during the Leadership Training Camp each June. Visit the calendar for exact dates.

Campcraft Outdoor Living Skills is a manual for RAs, Challengers and adults that teaches campcraft skills with spiritual applications. [click to download]

Outdoor Cooking provides additional information related to cooking outdoorsand has over 200 recipes. [link to order the book]


Royal Ambassador Campcraft – Designed to teach age-appropriate skills to boys in 1st through 6th grades that includes properly tying shoelaces for hiking and conducting safe overnight campouts.

Challengers Campcraft – Designed for young men 7th through 12th grades begins by teaching basic outdoor skills and offers instructions to prepare for and conduct extended campouts. Advanced students learn backpacking, trip camping and even skills to rough it in primitive camping.

Adult Campcraft – Introduces adults to camping skills in order to increase their personal knowledge, abilities, and comfort levels with experiences in outdoor living. The levels are progressive and require satisfactory completion of the prior level for advancement. This program is also designed to prepare adults to teach the Royal Ambassadors, Challengers, and other adults campcraft skills.

Frontiersman Level – This introduction into the adult campcraft program focuses on basic camp skills and prepares adults to teach all RA Campcraft levels and the Challengers Pathfinder level.

Outdoorsman Level – This intermediate campcraft level teaches intermediate camping skills and prepares adults to teach the Challengers Adventurer and Backpacker levels.

Voyager Level – This level focuses on advanced campcraft skills necessary for extended campouts that prepares adults to teach the Challengers Trip Camper and Primitive Camper levels.

Trip Leader Level – Teaches the skills necessary to lead others safely into extended wilderness trip camping experiences.

Instructor Level – These levels are designed to prepare adults to teach the various levels of the Adult Campcraft program.

State Staffers – Enables high school aged young men to serve in mission settings at RA and Challengers summer camps. Each young man that enters state staffer training will receive leadership training at our wilderness training facilities at Latham Springs Baptist Encampment during which a final selection of Regional State Staffers will be made during an evaluation meeting.

State staffer


  • Be a follower of Jesus Christ and have a desire to be involved in missions.
  • A young man involved in the Challengers program who is at least age 14 by September 1st of the previous year.
  • Be approved by the Regional Challengers Director and State RA/Challengers Director.
  • Be in attendance for the full term of Leadership Training Camp.
  • Be willing to adjust his lifestyle to one that is acceptable to the staff leader and the people whom they serve.
  • Be available for service at summer camps, mission rallies and State Congress.
  • Use of any illegal substance is strictly forbidden (including tobacco, in any form or alcoholic drink).

The Regional State Staff is a voluntary position for which no salary will be given. This does not prevent a gift from being given to a staff member, nor does it exclude expense money from being furnished. Family insurance is the primary insurance at all times. Each camp will have secondary insurance. Staffers are not covered by Texas Baptist Men during travel to and from assignments. Texas Baptist Men will provide the following for the State Staffers:

  • A Challengers staff jacket.
  • Travel and camp fees involved in attending Leadership Training Camp.
  • Travel expenses to and from their assignments.

For more information and to receive an application packet to become a Regional State Staffer, contact Texas Baptist Men at 214.275.1123 or e-mail at keith.mack[at]tbmtx.org


State Staffer request, brochure, application, weeks off, and Leadership Training Camp information [links to resources]


The Legion of Honor Award is the highest honor that can be bestowed on an individual in the area of Royal Ambassador and Challenger work. It is for men who have dedicated themselves the task of bringing boys and young men to God through Christ by fostering programs of mission education and mission action along with special emphasis upon personal involvement of the individual.

The Legion of Honor award began in 1973. Click on the Award Recipients link to view of list of those who have received this award. Click on the Nomination Form link to submit a nomination on-line or click on the Legion of Honor Nomination Form to download a copy and return to the state office for consideration.  Thank you for your prayerful attention in this matter. 

Previous Award Recipients

To Nominate an individual, fill out the Nomination Form [link to form]


The Texas Baptist Men Outdoor Fellowship provides an opportunity for Christian men to network together in outdoor pursuits for fellowship and to share the message of Christ with individuals that do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

This is exactly the method that Jesus used in the first century. When the Master was out with fishermen, He took what they knew about fishing and taught them about God, even how to become fishers of men.


Royal Ambassadors began as an organization in 1908 and celebrated 100 years of being Ambassadors for Christ in 2008. Over 2.5 million boys and their leaders have participated in RAs and learned how to help others in Jesus’ name. Throughout the years countless lives have been changed as boys and their leaders have prayed for, given to, and participated in missions projects.

Click here to download a copy of the Royal Ambassadors history book. This book also includes information concerning Royal Ambassadors in Texas. Right-click on the link and select "Save Target As..." to save to your computer (30MB file size).