Texas Baptist Men

Boys face unique challenges in the world today.

While issues may change, the answer remains consistent: maturing boys need the example of Christ through Godly men. Royal Ambassadors exists to develop boys into men of God.

The mission education in Royal Ambassadors and Challengers provides an opportunity to develop biblical character, spiritual growth, and maturity in mind and body. Leaders use activities that are designed to help boys learn about God's mission, participate in on-mission activities, pray for and give to missions, develop and use mission skills, and learn about and support the mission work of their church and denomination.

Royal Ambassadors is a Southern Baptist mission education and development program for boys in grades 1-6. RAs provides an opportunity for boys to develop biblical character, grow relationships with others, and mature spiritually, physically, and mentally in a Christian discipleship walk.

The purpose of Royal Ambassadors is found in the RA Pledge and Motto. Boys and their leaders are encouraged to make a commitment to live out the words of the Royal Ambassador Pledge and Motto.

The Royal Ambassadors' Quick Start Guide provides a brief overview of the Royal Ambassador program. 

Click here for more information on RA Pledge, motto and logo. 

Contact Keith Mack concerning questions related to Royal Ambassadors in Texas or to schedule a training session for Royal Ambassadors' Leaders

Keith Mack     State Royal Ambassadors Director  214.275.1123   keith.mack[at]tbmtx.org

Brad Blanchard    Royal Ambassadors Vice President   254.640.0219    brad.blanchard76[at]yahoo.com

The National Royal Ambassadors website allows you to register as a group and to download free resource materials.