Texas Baptist Men

Royal Ambassadors and Challengers EVENTS

Camp Directors' Meeting – Providing an opportunity for the program leaders of Royal Ambassadors and Challengers camps to meet together, share program ideas and information for camp resources and materials. Next meeting is scheduled for January 24-25, 2020 in Dallas. Visit the Camp Directors' Meeting event page.

Campout and Missions Mania – Provides opportunities for missions awareness and missions involvement with several activities and a great place (Latham Springs) to camp out with your group. Scheduled November 8-10, 2019 at the conclusion of Royal Ambassadors' Week. Visit the Campout and Missions Mania event page.

Leadership Training Camp – A wilderness camp designed to increase knowledge and skills under the leadership of Christ that empowers them be a witness in the world. This camp uses a progressive method of learning the basic, intermediate, and advanced levels of campcraft and activity skills to live outdoors safely and comfortably. Males 7th-grade and beyond are eligible to attend. This annual event is held in early June. For more information, visit the LTC event page.

Summer Camp – Great adventures for boys and young men that provide life-changing opportunities to grow in their relationship with Christ. Summer Campers will learn new skills and spend time with others who share what it means to be a man of God. For more information and camp resources, visit the Summer Camp page.

State Basketball Tournament – Held in early March, the annual Basketball Tournament takes place in Belton and is open to young men grades 6-12. There is also a YAMMS (Young Adult Men's Ministry) division. To register and get more information, visit the State Basketball Tournament event page.

TBM Wild Camp – Wilderness Instruction and Leadership Development Camp (WILD) is held annually in March and provides outdoor skills training and Christian development for young men. The next schedule camp is March 8-10, 2019. To register and get more information, visit the TBM Wild Camp page.

Outdoor Adventures – Each summer, TBM offers two exciting Outdoor Adventures for Challengers who are 14 and over or have completed the 8th grade, along with their leaders.

  1. Winter Backpacking Trip – Join a group of high schoolers and men to experience a winter wilderness backpacking trip. Age restrictions for young men is 14 or above (or 9th grade). For more information, visit the Outdoor Adventures page.
  2. Spring Backpacking Trip – The spring expedition takes us to the Big Bend National Park to spend several days exploring various parts of the park each March during Spring Break. For more information on this, visit the Outdoor Adventures page