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The Legion of Honor Award is the highest honor that can be bestowed on an individual in the area of Royal Ambassador and Challenger work. It is for men who have dedicated themselves the task of bringing boys and young men to God through Christ by fostering programs of mission education and mission action along with special emphasis upon personal involvement of the individual.

The Legion of Honor award began in 1973. Click on the Award Recipients link to view of list of those who have received this award. Click on the Nomination Form link to submit a nomination on-line or click on download a PDF to download a copy and return it to the state office for consideration. 

Previous Award Recipients

To Nominate an individual, fill out the Nomination Form online or download a PDF to fill out and mail in. 
Please return any paper Nomination Forms to the TBM office or complete the online Nomination form by September 1 each year. Selection is made annually by the Royal Ambassadors and Challengers Committees for the individuals to receive the Legion of Honor Award.