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Royal Ambassadors encourages men to spend time with the boys and share with them God's Word and work together in joining God in His Mission of reconciling the world to Himself through Christ Jesus.

What do the boys of your church need most? They need the men of your church!

Listed below are several links for Royal Ambassador Leaders. Contact Keith Mack at keith.mack[at]tbmtx.org or call (214) 275-1123 if you have any questions concerning resources for Royal Ambassadors or to schedule a training sessions for your RA Leaders. 

National Royal Ambassadors Website


Visit this website to register your Royal Ambassadors group and to order and download free RA resources materials.

National Challengers Website


Visit this site for printed materials for Challengers Leaders from the National WMU office.

Royal Ambassadors Materials
Royal Ambassadors Logo

The RA logo represents the RA organization and each aspect has significant meanings. 

  • The Words: Royal Ambassadors: An ambassador is a representative in a court or nation other than his own. Royal Ambassadors are representatives of Christ the King bringing good news of salvation to people everywhere.
  • The Verse: 2 Corinthians 5:20: "We are Ambassadors for Christ” serves as the RA Motto and reminds us that we represent Jesus Christ.
  • The Shield: The shield stands for faith in Christ (Ephesians 6:16). This symbol represents the journey of faith and a commitment of having faith in Christ.
  • The Bar: The white bar with the letters "RA" represents that an RA is a worker. It is to remind him that he is to work for Christ in all that he does (Colossians 3:17 & 23).
  • The Crown: The crown represents Christ the King and is symbolic of a "crown of righteousness" (2 Timothy 4:8). As a follower and Ambassador for Christ, we are to stay focused on Jesus and His message to the world. The five points of the crown represents the five parts of the RA Pledge and also the five ideas of RA work; Bible study, Mission study, Prayer, Stewardship, and Service.
  • The Laurel Branch: The laurel branch represents achievement and victory in the work of being an Ambassador for Christ (Matthew 25:21). Combining skills and actions help accomplish the goal of carrying the message of Christ to other people who need to hear this news.
  • The Colors: Blue represents the boy's loyalty to Christ, His church, and each other. Gold represents the worth of each boy who accepts and serves Christ. White represents purity of living, which makes him an effective ambassador.
Mile for Missions is a mission project to help raise pennies (it takes 84,480 pennies in line to stretch a mile) for disaster relief. We are encouraging Royal Ambassadors and Challengers groups to adopt this mission project, and reach the mile mark, to help raise funds for TBM's disaster relief efforts. Patches are available for groups that participate in the mission project. For more information and participation flyer, click here.
Craft Projects – The manual, Crafts, Projects and Games for Boys was written by Dr. Robert Adams in Gruver, Texas documents numerous projects for any RA group. Download a copy of it here.  Printed copies are $20.00 for each. Contact Keith Mack at (214) 275-1123 office or keith.mack[at]tbmtx.org with any questions.

Southern Baptist churches and associations may use these projects to help involve men, young men and boys in missions. Others should request permission from Texas Baptist Men.