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Disaster Relief Status: Deployed

Breaking News: Responding To Texas Floods


TBM volunteers have been deployed to help those impacted by the recent and continued flooding in the Mable Falls, Kingsland, and Llano areas. 

“We have deployed some early responders but the majority of our disaster relief will start Tuesday in the flooded areas,” Dwain Carter, deputy disaster relief director said. “With the expected rain this weekend, flooding could get worse and there are about 300 homes that have been affected by high water already.”

Flood Recovery, Mud-Out, Shower/Laundry, Chaplains and Feeding Units from around the state have been activated to the Marble Falls, Kingsland and Llano areas. The units will set up their command center at First Baptist Church, Kingsland. As of the writing of this, Kingsland is without water service and Marble Falls is on a boil notice for their drinking water.

With the Kingsland Bridge out, Llano is essentially two different cities and made a 10-minute drive to school, the store, work a 50-minute drive. “Every-day activities have become harder making the additional work of cleaning out your home all the harder and more stressful,” Carter added. “TBM comes in with incredible volunteers to help improve the situation and exhibit Love.”

To say things are busy is an understatement. We are also currently providing disaster relief in North Carolina after Hurricane Florence and in Florida after Hurricane Michael. But, we are Texans and ensure our efforts here. “We are beginning to be stretched thin, but know that our work providing loving aid will continue.” To help in the current situations, donate financially to supplies and materials at TBMtx.org/donate.


Texans on Mission

TBM goes anywhere to help people recover from natural disasters. We also work proactively on numerous fronts. We travel around Texas collaborating with communities for restorative justice, outdoor excursions, youth activities and leadership training. Around the world we impact lives and communities by providing access to clean water, hygiene training, disaster preparedness, and disaster relief.

TBM mobilizes believers to change the world.


TBM is Loaded Up and Heading to Florida

Disaster Relief  

Quick look of some of the vehicles and supplies TBM sent out to help people in the wake of Hurricane Michael.

Please be in prayer.

Please consider helping us financially to do this work. We do all the work at no cost to the homeowners and our awesome volunteers are not paid but we can only impact lives when people like…

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TBM Volunteers Departed for Hurricane Florence Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief  

Texas Baptist Men volunteers had a busy week preparing to serve. Several of them left this morning and the hard, yet rewarding work, has yet to begin.

TBM will be serving as an Incident Management Team in Bayboro, NC as we help manage the requests and disaster relief work for the coming months.

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TBM Providing Muck Out in Weslaco

Disaster Relief  

TBM Muck Out teams are helping some of the 6000 families displaced by the flooding in Weslaco and the Rio Grande Valley. Here are two stories of lives you are touching.

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