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Disaster Relief Status: Deployed

Breaking News: TBM Deployed to the North Carolina

The first wave of TBM volunteers are headed to North Carolina. These first volunteers are going with Feeding Units to feed volunteers and survivors as well as Chainsaw Units to clear felled trees from yards and homes to enable families to being the recovery process. 

The second group of TBM volunteers to go are the Mud-Out men and women who will take multiple Mud-Out Trailer Units. This group cannot be deployed yet due to the sustained high water which makes clearing and drying out a house impossible. Expected departure is sometime in the week of September 24.

Tuesday, a 53-foot tractor-trailer departed to North Carolina with 460 Cambros (which keep food at the proper temperature) to assist the mass feeding efforts . 

To help, the current need is for funding for the work and supplies that will be determined once we arrive and begin the work of Disaster Relief. Please donate to "Disaster Relief" at TBMtx.org/donate


Texans on Mission

TBM goes anywhere to help people recover from natural disasters. We also work proactively on numerous fronts. We travel around Texas collaborating with communities for restorative justice, outdoor excursions, youth activities and leadership training. Around the world we impact lives and communities by providing access to clean water, hygiene training, disaster preparedness, and disaster relief.

TBM mobilizes believers to change the world.


TBM Volunteers Departed for Hurricane Florence Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief  

Texas Baptist Men volunteers had a busy week preparing to serve. Several of them left this morning and the hard, yet rewarding work, has yet to begin.

TBM will be serving as an Incident Management Team in Bayboro, NC as we help manage the requests and disaster relief work for the coming months.

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Vice President and Governor Praise Work of Faith Communities

Disaster Relief   Rebuild  

Inside a full sanctuary at First Baptist Church, Rockport today, Vice President Mike Pence and Texas Governor Gregg Abbott thanked and encouraged a crowd of survivors, volunteers, and faith-based non-profits as we commemorate the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Harvey making landfall in South Texas.

The event started…

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TBM Providing Muck Out in Weslaco

Disaster Relief  

TBM Muck Out teams are helping some of the 6000 families displaced by the flooding in Weslaco and the Rio Grande Valley. Here are two stories of lives you are touching.

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