Texas Baptist Men

Disaster Relief Status: Deployed

Texans on Mission

TBM goes anywhere to help people recover from natural disasters. We also work proactively on numerous fronts. We travel around Texas collaborating with communities for restorative justice, outdoor excursions, youth activities and leadership training. Around the world we impact lives and communities by providing access to clean water, hygiene training, disaster preparedness, and disaster relief.

TBM mobilizes believers to change the world.

TBM Provides Aid in Mozambique

Water Ministry  

The deadly Cyclone Idai that struck Mozambique in March was the worst it has experienced, possibly ever, killing hundreds and displacing almost 600,000 people. Due to the massive flooding, water-borne illnesses like cholera have been spreading at an alarming rate.

Through past relationships due to international disaster…

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TBM Deploys in Texas

TBM volunteers deployed to Alto and Franklin this morning to provide much-needed disaster relief. Units that are deployed include: chainsaw, feeding, shower, temporary roof, electrical support, and chaplains. 

Our early assessments are a great deal of damaged roofs, fallen trees, and hurting people. Our response is…

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