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TBM goes anywhere to help people recover from natural disasters. We also work proactively on numerous fronts. We travel around Texas collaborating with communities for restorative justice, outdoor excursions, youth activities and leadership training. Around the world we impact lives and communities by providing access to clean water, hygiene training, disaster preparedness, and disaster relief.

TBM mobilizes believers to change the world.

TBM Rebuild rescues Beaumont woman after 58 days of living in her attic following Imelda


Tropical Depression Imelda made landfall in Southeast Texas Sept. 17. The rain fell and fell and fell some more. More than most people anticipated it would. And as it fell, the water rose higher and higher.

When it first started creeping in the house, Sonia, the single woman who lives in this small Beaumont home, began…

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TBM teams help after Dallas Tornado


The Weesners were enjoying a relaxing Sunday evening together in front of the television. The Dallas Cowboys were up big against the rival Philadelphia Eagles. Everything was good. Until it wasn’t.

“We were watching the Cowboys game like most people,” Jay Weesner said. “Our friend called and told us to take cover…

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TBM offers help, hope and healing in Southeast Texas after Tropical Depression Imelda


It’s been two years since Hurricane Harvey, but heavy rains still make Bruce Smith nervous. The barrage of water pellets was so intense Sept. 19, he was pacing between rooms of his home at 3 a.m. Eventually, he moved out to his workshop where he began moving his belongings to higher shelves.

He’s fortunate he did…

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TBM Provides Aid in Mozambique

Water Ministry  

The deadly Cyclone Idai that struck Mozambique in March was the worst it has experienced, possibly ever, killing hundreds and displacing almost 600,000 people. Due to the massive flooding, water-borne illnesses like cholera have been spreading at an alarming rate.

Through past relationships due to international disaster…

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