Texas Baptist Men


Texans on Mission

TBM goes anywhere to help people recover from natural disasters. We also work proactively on numerous fronts. We travel around Texas collaborating with communities for restorative justice, outdoor excursions, youth activities and leadership training. Around the world we impact lives and communities by providing access to clean water, hygiene training, disaster preparedness, and disaster relief.

TBM mobilizes believers to change the world.


Spider Lily Bulbs and Old Fossil


While digging through his front flower bed, John Lilly, found that he had too many spider lily bulbs – about 2,000 bulbs too many. 

Lilly’s interesting history and extensive career as a TBM volunteer helped him form an idea of what to do with all those bulbs. “There’s a lot of TBM in me,” Lilly stated as he…

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TBM Providing Muck Out in Weslaco

Disaster Relief  

TBM Muck Out teams are helping some of the 6000 families displaced by the flooding in Weslaco and the Rio Grande Valley. Here are two stories of lives you are touching.

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