Texas Baptist Men

Since 1967, tbm has been responding to disasters in texas and beyond. That continues today as we serve in texas, travel internationally for global crises, and help rebuild homes, lives, and communities affected by disaster.

All of TBM’s Disaster Relief ministries operate out of the Love that Christ has for each and every person. Our purpose is to share Christ’s love through meeting needs.

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Disaster Relief Teams


Generally deployed after a disaster to assess damage and determine needed response for TBM DR units as well as respond to assistance requests to evaluate damaged homes and property.

Asset Protection

Overseeing property and materials at TBM disaster relief sites to help ensure safety for those deployed during times of disaster.

Coordinator: Steven Chun
(832) 875-6952 steven.chun[at]att.net

Box Ministry

Delivering boxes, packing supplies and “Messages of Hope” after a disaster to families who are having to pack up their remaining possessions and begin piecing their lives back together.

Coordinator: Jim Lawton
(469) 682-7016 jimlawton[at]aol.com


A specialty-trained TBM Unit consisting of basic, climbing and rigging teams that clear fallen limbs and trees from homes or property to provide free and safe assistance for an often expensive and daunting task.

Coordinator: Ben Moberley
(210) 287-2208 bmoberley[at]gmail.com


Provides spiritual and emotional care to deployed volunteers and survivors impacted by a disaster. While everyone on mission with TBM is a witness, some key individuals have special training to answer some of life’s most challenging questions.

Coordinator: Melanie Howington
(817) 875-7974 howingtonmelanie[at]gmail.com


Temporary yet fully-functional daycare serving newborns up to age 7 through which God’s love is shown to children (and parents) by caring for the entire family after disaster strikes. This provides safe care for children while parents begin re-assembling their property and lives.

Coordinator: Tracy Barber
(972) 658-1655 tracy[at]bartandtracy.com


Serving hot, well-prepared meals to those affected by disaster shows love and care as well as sustenance needed during stressful times. Working alongside the State of Texas, FEMA, the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army, and local churches we meet the physical needs by offering a meal in Jesus’ name and meeting emotional needs through prayer and a listening ear. All TBM feeding procedures follow ServSafe practices.

Coordinator: Gaylan Mathis
(972) 979-0504 gaylan-mathis[at]outlook.com

Flood & Fire Recovery

Assisting survivors of floods, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other disasters with specialty training and equipment to clean out homes and job sites.

Coordinator: Butch Moore
(979) 966-3732 rebutch[at]yahoo.com

Heavy Equipment

Supporting other units with trained heavy equipment operators to help clear debris and handle other large projects using skid steers, man lifts, fork lifts, UTVs and similar equipment.

Coordinator: Joe Henard
(806) 654-3508 joe.henard[at]gmail.com

Incident Management Teams

Responsible for managing all aspects of disaster relief and includes operations, logistics, administration, incident command, and a staff chaplain.

Coordinator: Ralph Rogers
(806) 679-4970 rogers1941[at]suddenlink.net

International Response

Taking our abilities, knowledge, and faith worldwide when invited by local officials to help recover and rebuild after a natural disaster anywhere on earth.

Coordinator: Gary Smith
(972) 322-9050 gary.smith[at]tbmtx.org

Leadership Development

Training volunteers to become unit-level and state-level leaders.

State Planning Officer: Robert Howington

Rapid Assessment Teams

Area coordinators who arrive soon after an incident to assess the situation and determine what type of response is needed based on damage.


Rebuilding homes after initial disaster relief. We are often in areas for months following a disaster to assist families and churches rebuild their homes.

Coordinator: Dwain Carter
(573) 586-9929 dwain.carter[at]tbmtx.org

Shower + Laundry Units

Providing cleaning and hygiene opportunities for those recovering from disaster and the volunteers helping.

Coordinator: Phil Elery
(972) 345-1528 philery[at]live.com

Support Units

Providing necessary assistance to the work the following enable disaster relief to happen.

Durable Medical Equipment: Skip Holman

Radio Communications: John Thielepape

Recharging Station: Judge Camp

Water Filter Support: Shervonne Smithey

Temporary Roof

The Temporary Roofing Ministry provides and installs temporary protection for roof damage caused by disaster.

Coordinator: Maynard Clark


Volunteer Opportunities

If you would like to begin volunteering with TBM, please email us: volunteer[at]tbmtx.org

Disaster Relief Map