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Water is the sustenance of life. The TBM Water Ministry drills wells and provides reliable, accessible clean water to villages around the world providing clean water and the Living Water for those who thirst.

The presence of clean water allows for proper hygiene which, in combination, is saving lives in the simplest of ways.

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TBM Water Ministry partners with stateside churches to help mission churches in poverty-stricken areas bring clean water, proper hygiene, and a means of self-reliance to their communities while sharing the love of Jesus Christ. Our work provides clean water and the Living Water for those who thirst.

For over two decades, TBM’s water ministry has provided long-term water purification systems in over 74 countries and we are actively drilling projects in 8 countries. Alongside providing clean water, we teach and equip local individuals in pump repair and soap making for hygiene and self-employment opportunity.  Safe water and good hygiene can change the health and economy of an entire village. It gives them hope for a better future.

Working with a local indigenous church, we train people in their community on pump repair and soap making which enables them to take control of meeting their own needs. For empowerment and sustainability, it is vital to have indigenous participation and community input when helping them address their needs. Providing soap-making equipment, training, and opportunities, we leave behind a means to self-sufficiency and a connection to their local church.

Many women and children walk up to 3 miles daily for water. Easily accessible water provides health and also allows time to enter into self-employment. We train individuals to make soap out of locally-available materials. Individuals make some bars for home use, some for selling locally, and some for selling at trade markets for tourists.

For more information on and to get involved with this ministry, please contact Dee Dee Wint at deedeewint[at]gmail.com.

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